The site's design builds upon New Hudson Facades' branding, maintaining elements from the previous site, including the black and white header photos and color palette, while updating others, like fonts. Polygons that echo the outline of the company's logo add visual excitement and function as section dividers.

New Hudson Facades Homepage

Since we were building the new site concurrently with content being written, a modular system to laying out the pages offered the best design solution. Services, Technology, and Project pages can be built within WordPress out of the appropriate content blocks: introduction, text areas, photos and slideshows, and callouts. Callouts provide users with paths to related projects, news, and other content.

New Hudson Facades Pages

When we built New Hudson Facades' original site we commissioned professional photographs of the company's state-of-the-art factory. New Hudson Facades has continued to expand their photo library and take advantage of great photography. I designed slideshows throughout the site that provide a good user experience even when loaded with many photos, and which also accommodate vertical photos—important for a company building skyscrapers. The slideshows can open a fullscreen photo viewer for closer inspection.

New Hudson Facades Project Pages
New Hudson Facades Wireframes